China is coping with climate change

China has been making concrete contributions to address climate change and has become a leading country in energy conservation and development of new and renewable energies, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday.

"China is committed to full, effective, and sustainable implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," the premier said while presiding over a meeting of the National Leading Group on Climate Change, Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction held in Beijing.

"China stands ready to work with all other parties to ensure a comprehensive, balanced and strong agreement at the upcoming Paris Conference," he said.

The premier said that China will work with other countries to foster a global climate governance system that is fair, reasonable, and focused on win-win cooperation.

The country will actively engage in bilateral and multilateral consultations and will, in particular, expand South-South cooperation on climate change.

A statement released after the meeting said that a South-South Cooperation Fund on climate change will be set up. China will provide capital and technological assistance within its capabilities to other developing countries, small island nations and least developed nations.

The premier said that China would achieve its energy saving and emissions control targets set in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) as scheduled given that the country takes climate change seriously and prioritizes green, low-carbon economic development.

China's energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product dropped 29.9 percent and 33.8 percent respectively in 2014 compared to the levels in 2005.

China has set a target to achieve the peaking of carbon dioxide emission around 2030.

The premier said the country will work hard to reach the peak at an even earlier date, which indicates further measures such as substantial cuts in CO2 emission and raising the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption as well as forest stocks.

He said even though the Chinese economy faces downward pressure, improving the environment will be equally important compared to growing the economy.

Growth of energy-saving and environmentally friendly industries, according to him, will be integrated into the nation's broad campaign to boost mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Tough limit will be imposed on expansion of heavily polluting and energy intensive sectors, said the premier, who also pins hopes on the nation's Internet Plus and manufacturing upgrading strategies to champion green lifestyles for the people.

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