China checks implementation of key policies

The State Council has announced a nationwide inspection of the implementation of key central government policies.

It will focus on policies concerning stabilizing growth, promoting reform and economic restructuring, according to a notice from the State Council.

To be specific, polices to be under scrutiny involve domestic consumption, foreign trade, state-owned enterprises and urbanization, streamlining administration, delegating power, taxation, industrial upgrading, air pollution, innovation and agricultural modernization.

The central government has introduced a set of new policies since 2014. Local departments have been carrying out policy with positive results, but problems exist, for example, imbalances in implementation, said the notice.

The inspection aims to help implementation, tackle outstanding problems, and ensure local governments and departments to fulfil their duty.

Local governments should carry out inspection themselves and report to the State Council before May 31. Spot checks will be made by 11 task forces sent by the State Council from June 1 to 15. They will report to the State Council before June 25.

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