China's proposal at Asian-African summit to benefit people on two continents: Indonesian envoy

China's proposal on carrying forward the Bandung Spirit is quite significant for all the countries in Asia and Africa, and will benefit all peoples on the two continents, an Indonesian diplomat said Wednesday.

"I quite agree with Chinese president's proposal to expand the South-South cooperation, which is quite important for all the countries in Asia and Africa, especially in order to strengthen relations in trade, investment and tourism," Soegeng Rahardjo, Indonesian Ambassador to China, told Xinhua.

"This will benefit all the people in Asia and Africa," he said on the sidelines of the Asian-African summit.

The ambassador believed the North-South cooperation is more important in strengthening the technology and better practices so that the developing countries in Asia and Africa can benefit from the advancement of technology from the developed countries.

"All countries can have the chance and opportunity to develop economically and then will create welfare for all the people in Asia and Africa," he said.

Addressing the summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward a three-point proposal on building a community of common destiny for all mankind in line with the time-honored Bandung Spirit of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, which he said remains relevant and potent today.

Soegeng said that Bandung Spirit is always vital for all the countries, especially for developing countries, to develop economy and reduce poverty.

Through the Bandung Spirit, Asian and African countries should boost their cooperation to reach the millenarian goal, he added.

He called the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a very good idea.

"Through infrastructure development, the connectivity among the countries will be easily built. Through the connectivity, all the countries can invest each other and people-to-people contact will be realized," he said.

This year's Asian-African Conference events on April 19-24 gathered leaders and delegates from some 100 Asian and African nations, 15 observer countries and 17 international organizations.

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