Xi raises three-point proposal on carrying forward Bandung Spirit

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday urged Asian and African nations to carry forward the Bandung Spirit and work together to promote the building of a community of common destiny for all mankind.

Speaking at an Asian-African summit here, President Xi Jinping brought forth a three-point proposal on realizing that grand vision in line with the time-honored Bandung Spirit of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, which he said remains relevant and potent today.

The first is to boost Asia-Africa cooperation, he said, suggesting that countries on the two continents pursue all-win common development, align their development strategies, and translate their economic complementarity into a driving force for common growth.

The second is to expand South-South cooperation, President Xi Jinping added, pointing out that developing countries, faced with similar missions of speeding up development and improving people's living conditions, need to join their forces and march forward together.

Meanwhile, the Chinese president also called on Asian and African countries to beef up cooperation with developing countries in Latin America, the South Pacific and other regions.

The third is to promote South-North cooperation, President Xi Jinping said, stressing that cooperation between the developing and developed camps should be based on mutual respect and equality.

It is a binding obligation of the developed countries to help boost the development of their developing peers and narrow down the South-North gap, added the Chinese president.

The developed countries, he suggested, should fulfil their aid pledges and increase their assistance for the developing world with no political strings attached.

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