Asian-African summit opens in Jakarta

An Asian-African leaders' meeting opened here Wednesday with the aim of carrying on the Bandung Spirit and promoting common development of the two vibrant continents.

Chinese President Xi Jinping joined leaders and representatives from about 100 countries and international organizations at the Asian-African Summit 2015, where he is to deliver a speech and lay out Beijing's initiatives.

Later during his Indonesia tour, President Xi Jinpingwill travel to the heritage city of Bandung, West Java, to attend events to mark the 60th anniversary of the historic Bandung Conference, the first large-scale gathering of Asian-African countries.

In 1955, representatives from 29 Asian and African countries and regions gathered in Bandung to discuss independence, peace and economic prosperity.

The Bandung Conference opened a new chapter in the developing countries' struggle for national independence, economic development, social progress and a more balanced international order.

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