Wang Yi Urges Both Conflicting Parties of South Sudan: a Bright Future Will Emerge as long as Concession Is Offered

On January 12 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the "Special Consultation of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Support of South Sudan Peace Process" in Khartoum, Sudan and delivered a keynote speech, in which he quoted two ancient Chinese sayings to encourage both conflicting parties of South Sudan to speed up reconciliation and peace process.

Wang Yi said that I would like to quote two ancient sayings which embody Chinese wisdom for thousands of years. The first saying is that "a bright future will emerge as long as concession is offered". The South Sudanese issue can only be addressed politically, but the political solution won’t be as smooth as expected, and will surely meet with obstacles even setbacks. This requests both parties to understand each other, meet each other halfway, and offer proper concessions to each other. Inflexibility can only lead to a dead end while mutual understanding and accommodation will point a way forward.

The second saying is that “If the brothers are of the same mind, the force gathered can cut through metal”. No contradiction in the world cannot be resolved, let alone the internal divergences between brothers. South Sudan enjoys superior natural conditions and abounds in resources reserve. As long as both parties embrace sincere hope and take tangible actions, the existing misunderstandings and divergences can certainly be resolved and South Sudan must have a good development prospect.

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