Wang Yi: China Is an Active Promoter, Steadfast Defender and Sincere Participant of Peace in South Sudan

On January 12 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the “Special Consultation in Support of the IGAD-led South Sudan Peace Process” in Khartoum, Sudan. Wang Yi said China is an active promoter of peace in South Sudan. After the outbreak of the conflict in South Sudan, the Chinese side has always been actively promoting peace talks. I myself have met with representatives of the two conflicting parties of South Sudan for three times. Ambassador Zhong Jianhua, the Special Representative of the Chinese Government on African Affairs, repeatedly went to South Sudan and countries in that region for mediation. The Chinese side firmly supports the mediation efforts of the IGAD, and will continue to provide support for the IGAD to mediate and monitor the ceasefire mechanism and dispatch personnel to take part in the mechanism, so as to make more efforts to promote peace in South Sudan.

China is a steadfast defender of peace in South Sudan. In the UN Security Council and other international occasions, China has always been actively proposing an early and peaceful settlement of the South Sudanese issue and promoting the international community to firmly support and actively cooperate with the IGAD-led mediation efforts. Meanwhile, the Chinese side actively participates in UN’s peacekeeping operations in South Sudan. Currently, the additional peacekeeping infantry battalion sent by China to the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) are deployed in succession. This is China’s first organizational combat troops dispatched overseas. They will strictly comply with the authorization of the Security Council, fulfill a variety of duties under the leadership of the Command of the UNMISS, assist in maintaining security and stability in South Sudan, protect civilians and support efforts of humanitarian aid.

China is a sincere participant in the peace and development cause of South Sudan. On the South Sudanese issue, the Chinese side has always been focusing on the long-term development of South Sudan and focusing on the fundamental interests of all the people in South Sudan. After the outbreak of the conflict in South Sudan, the Chinese medical team and other staff in South Sudan stick to their posts and help maintain the national building and economic development of South Sudan. As long as South Sudan could achieve peace, the Chinese side is willing to more actively carry out practical cooperation in various fields with South Sudan, help South Sudan achieve better and faster economic and social development, and help South Sudan enjoy due dignity and status as a sovereign state in the international arena.

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